Controlling Digital Performer using a Nocturn and the Automap MIDI client.

There are two ways to assign MIDI messages to functions in Digital Performer, in the ‘Commands’ window, and using the “Attach MIDI Controller…” option in the mixer menu, between these you can control just about any function in Digital preformer using the Nocturn using the Automap MIDI client.

Once you have started Digital Performer you will need to make sure the Automap Server is running. If it is not already running, it can be launched from the Applications folder on your Mac. You will need to make sure that you have a ‘MIDI client’ enabled in the Automap Server by selecting a MIDI channel in the settings menu of the Automap Server and you will also need to make sure that the MIDI input and output are both set to ‘Automap MIDI’.

For more information on setting up and using a MIDI client check out this Nocturn Video Tutorial.

Once you have enabled a MIDI client you will need to select if from the 'User' browser group.

Digital Performers ‘Commands’ Window.

The commands window in DP is accessed from the ‘Setup’ menu, and allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts or MIDI messages to just about any discrete function in DP.

To assign a button on the Nocturn to a function in DP, simply find the parameter that you wish to assign in the list on the left hand side, click in the box under the ‘MIDI EVENT’ heading, then push the button on the Nocturn. You should then see the MIDI message appear in the commands window.

*** The default setting for buttons on the Nocturn is for them to toggle between the high and low values, for use with most of the functions in DPs commands window it is best to set the ‘Step size’ for the button to ‘0’ in the Automap Window, so that the event is triggered each time you press the button. ***

Each time you assign a button to a function in the Commands window, you can re-name the button in the Automap Server appropriately (It is best to save the control map in the Automap server when you have finished assigning all the functions you wish to control).

Digital Performers “Attach MIDI Controller…” function.

This function allows you to assign MIDI messages to continuous parameters in the DP mixer such as Track level, Pan and Send levels etc. The function is accessed from the Mixer menu in DP.

Once you have selected this function you can click on any continuous control in the DP mixer so that it is highlighted, then move a knob on the Nocturn to assign it to the parameter. You can continue doing this until all parameters that you wish to contrl have been assigned in this way.

Again, each time you assign a knob to a function in the Mixer, you can re-name the knob in the Automap Server appropriately. Once you have assigned all of the controls on one page of the MIDI client, you can simply use the page up button on the Nocturn to select the next page and keep assigning controls.

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