How to control Reason with the Nocturn?

As Automap Universal is not supported with Reason, you'll have to use the Automap MIDI client and learn each Reason parameters youself.

In the Automap Server, make sure Automap MIDI is selected as the input and output port. Then activate the MIDI channel require. You can activate more than 1 midi channel if you wish to control more than 1 channel.

In Reason, go to Preferences, Keyboard and Control Surfaces, then Add a device. Select ‘’ under Manufacturer and ‘MIDI Multichannel Control Surface’ under Model. Select ‘Automap MIDI’ as MIDI input, click OK.

Make sure you have selected the appropriate User channel on the Nocturn. You can switch between channels using the browser window.

In Reason, click in Option > Remote Override Edit Mode, double click on a parameter, then move a knob on the Nocturn to learn. Repeat for other parameters, when this is finish, click on ‘Remote Override Edit Mode’ again.

You can of course change channel and edit the name of the parameter using the Nocturn browser window.

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