In Windows the SL shows up as "USB Audio Device" is this a problem?

The ReMOTE SL is a class-compliant MIDI device so it does not require its own drivers. It can use the MIDI driver built in to Windows XP, XP X64, Vista and Vista X64. This MIDI driver is also used for class-compliant audio devices and is named 'USB Audio Device' driver. Consequently if the ReMOTE SL is using the Windows driver it will appear as 'USB Audio Device'.

We have discovered conflicts between the ReMOTE SL and other peripheral devices which also use the Windows USB Audio Device driver. As a result we have developed Novation drivers which offer dedicated support for the ReMOTE SL (and all other Novation USB products) which avoid such conflicts. These drivers are required to be installed on a PC before the version latest ReMOTE SL installer can be run successfully. Both the driver installer and the latest ReMOTE SL installer are available to download from the ReMOTE SL downloads page.

After the Novation driver has been isntalled the ReMOTE SL will show up as follows in the MIDI input/output lists in your software:

ReMOTE SL: Port 1
ReMOTE SL: Port 2
ReMOTE SL: Port 3
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