With Automap Universal 2, the installer keep asking me to connect the my Remote SL/Remote Zero SL in Windows?

Attached are the sysex file require to manually update the SL.

If you are having difficulty with the .zip file, please try the .rar version and vice versa.

If you are using the keyboard version of the Remote SL (25,37, or 61), then the files you need are 'OSNormal.syx', 'GlobalNormal.syx', 'TemplatesNormal.syx', 'DPHUINormal.syx' and 'HUINormal.syx'

If you are using the Zero SL, then the files you need are 'OSZeRO.syx', 'GlobalZeRO.syx', 'TemplatesZeRO.syx', 'DPHUIZeRO.syx' and 'HUIZeRO.syx'.

You should update in this order: the OS, then Global, then templates and finally the HUIs file.

The OS will update the Operating System of the SL, the Global will update the global settings, the Templates will update the Automap Templates, the DPHUI file will update Digital Performer HUI and the HUI file will update Pro Tools. If you are not using Digital Performer or Pro Tools on your PC, then you will not need to concern with these files.

Please download MIDIOX (

Make sure memory protect is set to off. (press global, press page up once, look for MemProt), then follow the steps below

1. First, connect your SL to your computer, then launch MIDI-OX.

2. In MIDI-OX, Click on Option > MIDI Devices, select Port 1 of the SL in port mappings by clicking port 1 in MIDI inputs and outputs. If you have other midi devices, make sure you can identify which one belong to the SL. Then click OK.

3. On your SL, press the 'global' button once, then press the left scroll up button 3 times, then press button 7 once, which correspond to 'USB1 OS Receive'. This may be labeled 'USBa OS Receive' in older version.

4. Press the left scroll up button again when the screen said 'Press to receive OPERATING SYSTEM UPDATE via USB1 Input'

5. The screen should now say 'waiting for operating system update via USB 1'

6. In MIDI-OX, click on View > Sysex, a new window should pop up. In the new window, press File > Send Sysex File. Select, the 'OSNormal.syx' or 'OSZeRO.syx' file in your directory, then press Open.

7. You should now see the progress bar going. After it reached 100%, you'll need to turn your unit off and then on again. The OS is now up to date and should say 4.1.09 on boot up.

8. Now you need to update the Global and Templates. You won't need to set the SL to receive these files. So go to the Sysex window again, press File > Send Sysex File. Select, the 'GlobalNormal.syx' or 'GlobalsZero.syx' file, then press Open. Then repeat the same process with the 'TemplateNormal.syx' or 'TemplatesZero.syx'. The SL should just flashes when receive.

9. For PC users, you will not need the file 'DPNormal.syx' or 'DPHUIZeRO.syx' as this is intended for Digital Performer, which is Mac only, so you can ignore this file. If you are using Pro Tools on PC, then you'll need to upload 'HUINormal.syx' or 'HUIZeRO.syx' (using the same method as step 8), if you are not using Pro Tools, then you do not need to worry about this file.

10. Now download and run the latest installer from here to ensure you've got the latest Automap Universal on your computer.

NOTE: If you experience an error when sending the sysex files with MIDI-OX, select 'Configure Buffers...' from the 'Options' menu in MIDI-OX and adjust the Low Level Output Buffer Size setting. Try setting it to 124 and then upload the files again. If that still produces an error, keep on doubling the Low Level Output Buffer Size until it sends successfully.

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