The ReMOTE SL installer does not recognise Reason installed on my computer.

The following message may appear when running the ReMOTE SL installer:

'Unable to find a usable version of Reason. Automap will not be available. Do you wish to continue?'

If you do have Reason installed then check it is version 3.0.4 or later. If not then you will need to download the latest update for Reason from the Propellerheads website.

If the installer still does not recognise Reason on your computer then you can manually install the Reason automap files. To do so follow these steps:

1. Download the Reason automap files from the attachment link to the right of this text.

2. Unzip the downloaded folder and place the file 'RemoteSL.remotemap' in the location:

PC - C:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/Propellerhead Software/Remote/Maps/Novation

Mac - HD/Library/Application Data/Propellerhead Software/Remote/Maps/Novation

3. Place the 'Novation' folder in:

PC - C:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/Propellerhead Software/Remote/Codecs/Lua Codecs

Mac - HD/Library/Application Data/Propellerhead Software/Remote/Codecs/Lua Codecs

NOTE: In Windows you may need to select 'Show hidden files and folders' from the Tools->Folder Options->View menu.

4. Connect the ReMOTE SL, turn it on and open Reason. Go to the 'Control Surfaces & Keyboards' page of the preferences and click 'Auto-detect surfaces'. The ReMOTE SL should be automatically recognised.
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