I want to use 2 SLs with Cubase, or I want control of Cubase mixer EQ

The 4.1 installer has a new combined automap template for both Cubase mixer and VST plug-ins. This will improve work flow but does not currently support the use of mulitple units for automap, nor does it include mixer EQ control.

If you would like to retain these features (but will have to use 2 separate templates for mixer and VST automap) then please follow these steps:

1/. Close Cubase and the Automap server. <

2/. Go to the folder.....

(PC) C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 4\Components\ and delete the file "CubaseAutomapClient.dll"

(Mac) HD > Applications > Cubase (CTL + Cliick "Show package contents) > contents > components > and delete the file "CubaseAutomapClient.bundle"

3/. Put the attached (PC) "remotesl.dll" / (Mac) "ReMOTESL.bundle" in its place.

4/. Restart Cubase, and add the ReMOTE SL as a device in the device setup window in Cubase and set the input and output ports to "ReMOTE SL port 2".

The Automap should then work as it did previously, using template 39 on the ReMOTE SL for Mixer Automap, and template 38 for plug-in Automap.
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