Is the X-Station Compatible with Windows Vista?

The latest Novation USB drivers will work with Windows XP SP2, Windows XP X64, Windows Vista and Windows Vista X64. These drivers offer multi-client support for the following Novation USB products:


and are available to download from the downloads section on the Novation website.

Before installing the latest drivers we recommed you remove the old drivers first. To do this ensure the X-Station is disconnected and then run the old driver installer and select 'uninstall the driver'. You can find the old driver installer on the X-Station disc or you can download it from the attachment link to the right of this article text.

Once the old drivers are removed run the latest driver installer and then after the installer has completed connect the X-Station to your computer. The drivers have not yet passed Windows logo testing (this will happen later in the year) so if you use Vista X64 then you must hold down F8 when you turn the computer on to disable driver signing.

The installer puts an Audio Control Panel in:

Start->All Programs->Novation->USB Audio & MIDI Driver

Here you can adjust the latency, sample rate and bit depth settings.

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