How can I load patches into my Xio?

You can is use the Patch Librarian feature in the Xio Template Editor to organise the patches stored on the Xio. It allows you to dump one of the two Xio patch banks into the editor and then re-order the sounds, swap some out for different ones, delete them, rename them and back them up. The Xio template editor is free to download from the Xio downloads page.To use the patch librarian follow these steps:

1. Connect the Xio to your computer and turn it on. Make sure it is in synth mode and then open the Xio editor software.

2. If the editor welcome box appears select 'Nothing Thanks' and click 'OK'. In the editor select 'Select MIDI Input/Output Device...' from the 'Device' menu and make sure the Xio is set as the MIDI input and output, then click 'OK'.

3. Select 'Patch Librarian' from the 'Device' menu to open the patch librarian window. To dump a patch bank into the librarian click 'Listen'. On the Xio press the 'global' button to enter the global menu, scroll up to the 'Dump:' page, select either 'Sound Bank 1' or 'Sound Bank 2' and then press 'write' to send the bank to the Librarian.

4. Once the patches have finished sending you will see them listed in the Patch Librarian window. You can click on a patch and use the 'Move Up' and 'Move' Down' buttons to change its position in the bank. You can also right-click (ctrl-click on Mac) on any patch in the list to select to rename it, save it as an individual sysex patch file or replace it with a different patch (perhaps a .syx patch file you have got from our site).

5. You can use the 'save' button in the Patch Librarian to save the whole bank as a single .syx file or the 'save all' button to save all of the patches as individual sysex files.

6. To reload the bank into the Xio make sure the unit is in synth mode and then select a patch in the bank you want to overwrite i.e. if you want to overwrite bank 1 then select patch 1XX or if you want to overwrite bank 2 then select patch 2XX. Then press the 'global' button to enter the global menu and scroll to the 'Mem Protect' page. Make sure this is set to 'OFF' then press 'play/synth' to return to play mode. Click 'upload' in the Patch Librarian to send the bank back to the unit.

7. If you have downloaded a single patch bank file rather than individual patch files that you want to load into the unit then select 'open' in the Patch Librarian window and then follow step 6 to load it into the unit. Note that you should back up the exisitng patches first as they will be overwritten.

The Xio Editor Patch Librarian is capable of loading sounds from the other following Novation units:

KS (programs only)
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