I get the message 'Automap Server Error' OSX 10.4 with Remote SL

Firstly, go to Application/Utilities and open Disk Unility, then hit repair disk permissions. Then go to HD/Users/[your name], then 'Get Info'. Under 'Ownership and Permissions' make sure it is set to 'Read & Write', and in 'Details', the others are set to 'Read & Write', finally hit 'Apply to enclosed items' to apply. This is necessary because the Automap Server locks onto a folder and create a file (which is always in the Users directory) when it is launched, this is to avoid users opening the program twice. Then this file is automatically deleted when Automap Server is closed. Therefore it is important to set the permission to read and write. If there are more than one user, check that their folders got the correct permission.
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