The ReMOTE SL says 'Automap is OFFLINE' and the Automap Universal software says 'No hardware found'.

This may be because the Mac can not see the third MIDI input port from the ReMOTE SL (earlier versions of the ReMOTE SL OS only had 2 MIDI input ports Via USB).

The following steps should resolve this issue;

1/. Run the latest ReMOTE SL installer to make sure you have the latest OS in your ReMOTE SL.
2/. Open Audio MIDI setup. (Mac HD/Applications/Utilities/)
3/. Find the ReMOTE SL entry (in the 'MIDI Devices' section)
4/. Switch off the ReMOTE SL
5/. Highlight the ReMOTE SL entry in Audio MIDI setup, and select the 'Remove Device option'.
6/. Switch on the ReMOTE SL (If it doesn't appear automatically, select the 'Rescan MIDI' option).

The ReMOTE SL should now appear with 3 inputs and outputs, and you should be able to use Automap universal.
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