Can I edit the Live Automap Template mapping?

The Live Automap template is not designed to be edited however if you want to reassign one or more Automapped controls using Live's MIDI learn feature then this is possible. Note this cannot be done for the row-select or scroll buttons. All Automap controls transmit data on ReMOTE SL Port 2. If you set a control to transmit on ReMOTE SL Port 1 then Live will ignore it as part of the Automap and you are free to assign it as you wish using the MIDI learn feature. To re-assign a control follow these steps:

1. Press and hold the "edit" button and operate the control whose settings you want to change, then release the "edit" button.

2. Set "Ports" to Ua . It is probably best to set "MidiChan" to 16 too reserve this channel for mapping controls to parameters in Live. On all MIDI tracks in Live make sure the channel setting is not set to 16 or "All Channels" to avoid unwanted parameter changes on soft-synths.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for all other controls you wish to re-assign.

4. Press "write" 3 times to save the settings and then "play" to return to play mode.

5. You can now assign the edited controls using Live's MIDI learn feature.

Note that re-assigning the controls does not override the ReMOTE SL displays in Live Automap mode and you will not be able to see the parameter name or value of the re-assigned controls on the SL displays.

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