Can I use the touchpad on my ReMOTE SL with Automap Universal?

When using Automap Universal to control plug-ins, the following physical controls are available for you to assign to plug-in parameters:

Upper left butttons 1-8
Encoders 1-8
Lower left buttons 1-8
Pots 1-8
Sliders 1-8
Upper right buttons 1-8

The touchpad is not an Automap-assignable control, however by setting it to send the same MIDI messages as one or more of the other Automap-assignable controls on the ReMOTE SL, it is possible to use it to control plug-in parameters with Automap Universal.

The touchpad on the ReMOTE SL can be set to control up to 4 different parameters - 2 from the X axis and 2 from the Y axis. You could set a touchpad axis to send the same MIDI message as any one of the pots or sliders on the ReMOTE SL. Then when you learn that pot/slider to a plug-in parameter, the touchpad will also control that parameter. Note that you can only link the touchpad to a pot or slider, as it is not possible to duplicate the settings of an encoder or button on the touchpad.

To link a touchpad axis to a pot or slider select the Plug-in Automap template (template 38), then press and hold the 'edit' button and operate a pot/slider to bring its settings up on the left-hand ReMOTE SL display. Note what the settings are, then press and hold the 'edit' button again and touch the area of the touchpad which corresponds to the axis you want to assign to bring the settings for that axis up on the left-hand display. Change the settings for that axis so that they are the same as for the pot/slider. Repeat this for the other touchpad axes if desired, then press 'write' 3 times to save the temlate and 'play' to return to play mode. Note that you should not link more that one touchpad axis to the same pot/slider.

To find out which area of the touchpad you need to touch to edit the settings for each different axis see section 5.2 of the ReMOTE SL USer Guide (available to download from here).
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