What is the difference between 'ReMOTE SL' and 'ReMOTE SL Classic' in the Control Surface setup in Ableton Live?

The difference between the 'ReMOTE SL' and 'ReMOTE SL Classic' options in the 'Control Surfaces' section of the Live MIDI/Sync preferences is the way in which the Live instruments and effects are mapped to the encoders and top row of buttons on the left-hand side of the SL. Ableton implemented a different way of mapping the Live devices for Live 6 so that the mapping would be the same across all controllers supported in Live. People who used the ReMOTE SL with Live 5 and who prefer the old-style mapping should select 'ReMOTE SL Classic' to retain the original Live 5 mappings. If you are new to using the ReMOTE SL with Live then you can try out both options and see which you prefer.
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