How can I tell which Soundpacks I can use in the Launchpad App?

This applies to: Blocs Wave, Launchpad App for iOS

We are often asked: "Can I sell the tunes I make using Blocs Wave or Launchpad?"

The simple answer is that all sounds in Blocs Wave and Launchpad reside under one of two licence agreements. The first covers all sounds from either Novation or Loopmasters; the second covers any sounds provided by UK Label Ninja Tune.

These licence agreements can be found on the Blocs website here:

There are a few ways to tell which sound packs are Novation/Loopmasters and which are Ninja Tune:
Ninjatune packs will have a ‘Conditions of Use’ link in their description in the pack store.
- If you search packs by tags, they are all tagged with ‘Artist’
- They all have the name format of ‘*artist name* - *track name*’, with a dash in the middle. No other packs have titles like that.
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