Blocs Wave FAQ

1. I bought the app when it was paid for, why is it free now?
The base app is free, however new users will have to pay for the Slicer and Audio Import features, which are £3.99 and £5.99 respectively. Existing paid-app users will continue to get to use these for free, so people who paid for the app are still getting a better overall deal as the total cost of the in-app purchases is more expensive then that app has ever been. By getting in early you’ve gotten all of the features for less than any of the new users will be able to.
2. I bought the app previously but the slicer/import are locked?
In a very small number of circumstances you may need to do a ‘restore purchases’ on a fresh download or after doing a backup on iTunes. Try doing a purchase restore in the in-app store. Make sure you’re downloading the app while using the same Apple ID as you original bought the app.
3.  I paid for the app and the features are locked/restore isn’t working?
Log in to iTunes on a computer and just double check your purchase history to make sure you are using the right apple ID. Log into that ID, and then delete and re-download the app. Make sure you have a good wi-fi connection and then do a restore in the app. We should now be able to verify that the app was previously purchased.
4. Does this mean no more free updates?
No! Just like our free Launchpad app, we will continue to release a mixture of smaller free features are larger paid pro-features, as well as the occasional free soundpack.
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