Saving a Circuit "Session" to Novation Components

Applies to: Circuit

This article will go over how to save sessions to your Circuit and how to save them to Novation Components. 

Circuit has save disabled out of the box. To enable saving off sessions hold SHIFT + SAVE whilst turning the unit on. You will then see the save button lit blue.

Turning save off can be useful when performing to prevent accidental changes to your sessions.

Saving a Session on Circuit 

Create a Pattern/Session on your Circuit 


When you are ready to save press the "Session" button


The white illuminated button will be the pad the session is saved to. (the dark blue buttons are already saved sessions and the light blue buttons are empty sessions)

Select the "Save" button


and then select the pad you want to save it to (if you select a dark pad it will save over an already saved session)


The session will now be saved to that pad


Saving Sessions from Circuit to Novation Components

Open Novation Components (standalone or

For the Components website you will need to use Google Chrome as a browser

Lets make sure we are connected with a USB cable from the Circuit to the computer.


Sign in using our Facebook or Google Account.

If you choose to not sign in with Google or Facebook you can use the standalone version of the standalone and save to your computer but not to the cloud.

Select Circuit at the top and make sure the Circuit is getting connected to Components. (select the button Circuit at the left corner)


Circuit will now be in Boot loader.

Now Select "Get from Circuit"


 All the sessions, samples, and patches will be sent into Circuit Components. We can now save the Pack (sessions, samples and patches) to the computer or to the cloud. (As you can see "User25" is our saved session")


Select "Save to Cloud" and this will save to your Components Account. (you can see this on the left  hand side under "Users". Next to this "Novation" will have factory presets and patches)


Save the name desired and it will save into a User Pack. 


If you would like you can Save the User Pack to the computer. 

This will save a Sysex file to the computer and you can open any saved User Packs by selecting "Open Pack" and selecting the sysex file.



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