Addictive Drums activation and installation guide

This article describes how to activate and install the Addictive Drums offer for those who have registered their product between 20th of November 2017 and 31st January 2018.

If you'd prefer to watch a video please click here.

Eligible products: Launchpad (MK2), Launchpad Mini, Launchpad Pro, Launchkey Mk2 (all sizes, including Mini), SL MKII (all sizes), and Impulse (all sizes).  

1) Log into your account on the Novation website. You will see the Addictive Drums banner near the top of your account, as shown below: Screen_Shot_2017-11-16_at_12.00.43.png

Please click the personalised link here which will take you to the Addictive Drums page as well as entering your code and details for you. 2.png

Here you'll be able to pick and choose 1 of each pack type to download.


Choose one of each and then either log in or create a new account at the bottom of the page.



2) Once you have picked your products and registered you'll be taken to this page with the download links for the XLN software and included packs:


Please click the link to download it for your operating system and then open the installer. On Mac this involves dragging it into the Application folder, Windows users will need to run the installer and open the XLN Installer once complete. 

The Installer manages all your XLN products. From this screen you can begin the installation of your Addictive Drum packs by clicking the highlighted button:


Please wait for the installation to run. This may take some time. You'll see this screen when it's finished. 


Clicking the advanced button will allow you to see which installation path has been used:


Check this matches the location your DAW looks for it's plug ins.

3) You should now see the Addictive Drums plug in appear in your DAW allowing you to use your selected packs. 


If you are still having issues after watching the video then please contact technical support by clicking here.

For a comprehensive guide to setting up a MIDI controller with Additive Drums, please see this article.

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