How to use the vocoder on the Ultranova

This article contains step by step instructions on how to use the vocoder on the Ultranova.

  1. Connect an audio input to either the Mic input, input 1 or input 2. 
  2. Press Audio on the Global section of the Ultranova

  3. Set the desired level of your audio input

  4. Press the Vocoder button to access the Vocoder menu

  5. Here you can set the Vocoder to On or Off (this will be audition while the menu is open and switch off when it is closed)

  6. Vocoder level will be the vocoded sound, sound that plays when both the keys are pressed and the mic receives an input. Set this to the desired volume

Carrier is synth sound from the Ultranova  while ModLevel is the sound from the mic. Browsing through the other pages of the menu will allow you to control other options as detailed on page 34 of the manual: 

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