Getting Started with Launchpad: Installing the Launchpad Demo Packs for Ableton Live

Applies to Launchpad Mini, Launchpad Mk2, Launchpad Pro


If you’re just getting started with Ableton Live for the first time and you have already installed the software then your Launchpads are ready for use. Though there are plenty of “clips” and “samples” to use in Live which come with the software, loading these into the projects might not be the best way to get started as this can be very time consuming. We have constructed some of our own projects for use with your Launchpads, which will help you in a few ways.

The demo project are also referred to as Ableton Live Packs and these are sessions that you can open which will automatically import a collection of clips and samples into the software so you can not only get a feel for how the software and the devices work together, but you can get started right away with using your Launchpads to make music.

Here are the direct links to the Launchpad Demo projects:

Launchpad Mini

Launchpad MK 2

Launchpad Pro

Here is an additional resource to help you get up and running with your Launchpad, including more project files: 

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