What is Automap?

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Automap is a software application that was designed to make the job of assigning your hardware controls to various software parameters quicker, easier and more intuitive.

It is vital to understand the concept of Automap before you can really get the best out of the benefits it provides.

Up until recently, to control a parameter in your software with a midi controller, you would need to find out which control change (cc) message a specific parameter would respond to, then make sure that your midi controller was sending out the correct cc message, on the correct channel. This isn't too difficult to do for one control, but if you want to have control over lots of parameters the process of setting this up can be very time consuming and frankly - boring!

Automap as an application, collaborates between your DAW and your Automap hardware and eradicates the laborious task of hunting through user guides for a list of cc numbers and allows you to assign controls quickly and easily. Automap does this by wrapping the plug-in in the Automap Plug-in Manager. This creates a second, Automap version of the plug-in that enables the Automap server to see the plug in as a "client".

When you select a client for controlling via Automap, there is often a default map in place. However, should a mapping not already exist, or the layout of the parameters does not suit your preferences the controls available can be relearned by carrying out the following steps:

1. Putting the Automap plug-in into "learn" mode
2. Moving a parameter on the Plug-in UI
3. Moving the control on your hardware which you want to control that parameter


Automap server - The term used for the application "Automap".

Client - Any software plug-in or DAW that can be detected and controlled by the server.

Wrapping - The process by which you create an Automap version of a plug-in

Automap Plug-in Manager - The tool used to "wrap" a plug-in

HUD - The on screen Automap window that displays your control maps. This is used to navigate the browser groups that contain your clients stands for "heads up display".

Browser Groups - The categories in which Automap stores clients (Mixer/FX/Instruments/User)

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