How do I update my Xio's OS to OS v2.1.07?

Applies to: Xio

To update your Xio's OS to the latest version, please follow these instructions:

1. Download the latest Xio template editor from here.
2. Download the latest OS for the Xio. v2.1.07 (attached)
3. Connect your Xio via USB and run the template editor software.
4. From the main menu select "Update the operating system on your Xio".
5. For input device and output device select "xio". 6. Select "Load" and navigate the file browser to the OS file that you downloaded.
7. Select "Upload OS". Your Xio's OS will now upgrade. Be sure not to turn off the xio or interrupt the USB connection during this process.
8. Once complete, exit the software and switch the Xio off then on again.

Important information about v2.1.07 update:
You will need to recalibrate your pitch/mod stick after the OS update.

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