How can I force my SL to update via MIDI?

Applies to: Remote SL Mk I

On the ReMOTE SL, it is possible to force the unit to update via midi. In order to do this, you will need a 2nd midi interface (beside your SL) and a midi cable.

1) Download the SL template editor from here ( and save the Remote SL sysex file attached at the bottom of this article.

2) Connect the secondary MIDI interface (i.e. a USB/firewire device with a MIDI out port) to your computer.

3) Connect a MIDI cable from the MIDI out on your MIDI interface to the MIDI in on the Remote SL.

4) Open the Remote SL editor, select 'Update the operating system on your REMOTE SL' then select your MIDI interface as the input and output device. Click OK.

5) In the 'Update device OS' window, click 'Load' then select the OS.syx file attached to this article (in Remote SL.syx files). The New Version field should show 4.2.02.

6) Switch the SL off then switch it back on again holding down the 3 buttons indicated in the image below, so that the LCD screen shows 'Press to receive OPERATING SYSTEM UPDATE via Midi Input'.

7) Press the top left button so that the screen shows 'WAITING FOR OPERATING SYSTEM UPDATE via Midi Input'

8) In the SL Editor, click 'Upload OS....' then click 'Yes' when asked 'Do you wish to upload the select OS anyway?'

9) Click OK at the 'Please ensure your Remote SL is ready to receive the OS update' message

10) At this point you should see the status bar progressing on the screen and the percentage progressing on the LCD screen of the SL until the update is complete.

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