How to edit MIDI and bounce to audio quickly in Logic with the Ultranova or MiniNova.

Applies to: UltraNova, MiniNova

In Logic, if you want to use your Ultranova or MiniNova with the Editor to edit your midi notes, then bounce it onto an audio track quickly, please follow these steps:

1. Create an Instrument Channel and a Stereo Audio Channel (outputs 1+2).

2. In the Instrument channel, load the I/O plugin from Logic's Utility folder:

3. Set the I/O's inputs to 1+2 and the outputs to 1+2 if stereo or 1 if mono.

4. Now record in your midi by record arming the Instrument Channel. You can now edit these notes as you would with a standard VST instrument (ie, quantise or change velocity).

5. When happy with the edits, record arm both the Instrument Channel and the Audio Channel and press record in Logic. This will create an audio recording of your MIDI:

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