'Novation Automap' isn't showing in Device Setup after upgrading to Cubase 6!

Applies to: Automap

When updating to Cubase 6 on Windows 7, the following files:

"CubaseAutomapClient.dll" and "CubaseAutomapClient64.dll"

only appear in the Cubase6 x64 folder labelled 'Components.'

Please copy the relevant files so that Cubase6 x32 Components folder shares that of the Cubase5 x32 folder and Novation Automap should now appear in your Device Setup of Cubase 6.

If on a Mac, please ensure the CubaseAutomapclient.bundle is found in the following location:

Right click Cubase 6 > Show Package Contents > Contents > Components...

If it is not here, simply copy it from the Cubase 5 same location and Novation Automap should now appear in the Setup process.

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