How do I create templates with multiple pages for the SL Mk II?

Applies to: SL Mk II

The SL Mk II and the Editor software allow you to create template groups (In advanced mode). You can scroll round the templates in a group by repeatedly pressing any row-select button.

Groups are a useful feature when you want to use one or more controls in a template to access more than one parameter on the device you are controlling. For example you may be creating a template for a synth with three oscillators for which you have dedicated a certain number of the controls on the SL MK2 for assigning to oscillator-related parameters. You could create three versions of the template and on the first have the oscillator controls assigned to oscillator 1, on the second have the oscillator controls assigned to oscillator 2 and on the third have the oscillator controls assigned to oscillator 3. If these are set up as a group on the SL MK2 all you have to do is repeatedly press any row select button to change which oscillator the oscillator controls are mapped to.

To set the group settings of a template on the SL MK2 select the template you wish to edit and then press the 'edit' button to enter the template menu. Press the encoder under the ‘TmpGroup’ option on the screen to access the template group settings. First use encoder 3 to set the size of the group and then use encoder 2 to set the position of that template within the group (so, using the example above, if this template had the oscillator controls assigned to oscillator 2 you would set the 'position' to 2). Once you have set the size and position press 'write' to save the settings. Whilst still in this menu you can change the group settings of any other template - use encoder 1 to select the template whose group settings you want to change, then adjust the size and position and press 'write' to save the settings.

To set the group settings in the SL MK2 Template Editor select 'Edit Settings...' from the 'Template' menu. On the 'General' page enter the 'Number of group pages' (size) and 'Current page' (position) then click 'OK'.

For templates to be recognised as a group they must be stored together on the SL MK2 and in the right order. So, again using the above example, the templates would have to be stored in three consecutive locations e.g. 23, 24 & 25 and must be stored in order according to the 'position' or 'Current page' setting. The maximum number of templates you can store on the SL MK2 is 40 and so the largest possible group size is 40 templates.

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