How to edit MIDI and bounce to audio quickly in Reaper with the Ultranova.

Applies to: UltraNova

  1. Please ensure that you have installed the latest version of the UltraNova Software Package from .
  2. Open Reaper and go to Options > Preferences. Under Audio > Device select UltraNova.Under Audio > Midi Devices > MIDI Inputs double click on the UltraNova.
  3. A window will appear. Tick the box next to 'Enable input from this device'. Next double click on the UltraNova listed in the MIDI Output section. Tick the box next to 'Enable output to this device'*.
  4. Create two tracks within Reaper by going to Track > Insert new track.
  5. The first track click is going to be your MIDI track. Click on Input 1 and from the menu that appears select Input: MIDI > UltraNova > All Channels.
  6. The second track is for audio. Also click on Input 1. This time select Input: Stereo > Input 1 / Input 2.
  7. 'Record Arm' the UltraNova MIDI track by clicking on the red button circled in the picture below. Press record on Reaper's transport bar and begin playing the UltraNova. Once you have finished, press stop on Reapers transport then click Save All when the Select files to save or delete window appears. Click the Record Arm button again to deselect.
  8. Bring the transport locator back to the start. 'Record Arm' the audio track and press play on the transport bar. Monitor the input on the audio track to ensure you have a good signal level. Adjust the MASTER VOLUME on the UltraNova if needed.
  9. Bring the transport locator back to the start then press record. Audio will now be recorded on to the audio track.


* You may want to send a MIDI clock signal to the UltraNova to synchronise the UltraNova's arpeggiator and BPM based effects with Reaper. To do this, tick the box next to 'Send clock/SSP to this device' within Reaper's MIDI output settings for the UltraNova.

By default the UltraNova will automatically switch to slave mode if a MIDI clock signal is received. If you would to change the UltraNova's MIDI clock settings press the GLOBAL button on the the UltraNova then press the PAGE NEXT button twice. Use the first encoder to change the Clock Source. Press WRITE to save any changes.

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