Studio One : SL Mk II Guide

Applies to: SL Mk II, Automap

This article assumes that you have already followed the Studio One DAW Setup guide and that you are in AUTOMAP mode (Automap button is lit red on your SL).


Hit the MIXER button on your SL to put it into Mixer mode.

The faders will now control the volume sliders in the Studio One mixer.

The endless encoders will control the pans. MUTE, SOLO & TRACK ARM functions can be assigned to the buttons on the SL as desired by opening the Automap Mixer mapping, clicking the software button and selecting the relevant parameter from the list at the bottom.

If you have more than 8 tracks in your project you can bank across to control the next bank of tracks using the last two drum-pads, as pictured below.


Aside from the loop function which is not supported by HUI, the transport controls on the SL mkII will control REWIND, FAST-FORWARD, STOP, PLAY & RECORD in Studio One without any further configuration.

TIP : You can assign LOOP toggle to a button on your SL by using the following method:

* Locate Transport > Toggle Loop
* Change the assignment to APPLE-/ (or something similar)
* Open the Automap mapping
* Click the button you wish to assign the function to then click 'Qwerty Assign'
* Click Learn Assignment and press the shortcut (APPLE-/) on your keyboard
* Click Learn Assignment again to exit Learn mode

This method can be repeated for any function in Studio One


3rd party Automap-wrapped plug-in and instruments can be controlled by hitting the FX/INST buttons and selecting the required plug-in.

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