Is FL Studio supported by Automap 4?

Applies to: Automap, Impulse, SL Mk II

You can use any Novation controller with Fl Studio as a standard MIDI device. You can also control Automap enabled third party plug-ins within Fl Studio. The only aspect of FL Studio which isn't supported is Automap control of the mixer and transport.

You can however control the mixer and transport by assigning controls manually. This is done by following the procedure below:

  1. In Fruity Loops go to Options > MIDI Settings. Within the Output section click on the Remote Sl and activate 'Send master sync'. Also select the Remote Sl in the Input section and activate 'Enable'. Close the 'Settings' window.
  2. Right click on any control in Fruity Loops and select 'Link to controller...'.
  3. Make sure that 'Auto detect' is selected in the 'Remote control settings' window.
  4. Ensure that the fader or encoder you would like to use on the Impulse is in MIDI mode.
  5. Move the encoder you would like to assign.
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