Cubase isn't listed in Automap's 'Software Setup' what should I do?

Applies to: Automap

You should be able to setup Cubase by following the guide below, even though it is not listed in Automap's 'Software Setup'

  1. Connect you Novation device to the computer and load Cubase
  2. In Cubase, open the 'Devices' menu and select 'Device Setup'.
  3. device setup
  4. Click on the + symbol and select 'Novation Automap,' leave the MIDI Input / Ouput ports as 'Not Connected'.
  5. Novation Automap
  6. Click on 'MIDI Port Setup'.
  7. MIDI ports
  8. Enable the MIDI ports relevant to your device. The picture below refers to the Impulse. The general rule to follow is that you will need to enable the ports which contain the name of your Novation device. Click 'OK' when you've finished. If you are unsure which MIDI ports to enable for your device please contact technical support.
  9. MIDI ports2


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