Windows 8 Compatibility

Applies to: All products

Microsoft have released their latest operating system – Windows 8. Upgrading your PC may affect the compatibility of your software and peripheral products.
Please see the product compatibility summary below to find out if your Novation product has been seen to work with Windows 8, and for details of full Windows 8 support for all current products.
The following hardware products have passed preliminary testing with Windows 8 using the latest public release of the relevant driver:


  • Nocturn*
  • SL MK II 25|49|61*
  • Zero SL MK II*
  • Launchpad*
  • Impulse 25|49|61*
  • Dicer
  • Twitch**
  • MiniNova

*If using Automap please download the latest version of Automap from Here
**Itch untested - see Serato's website for information


  • V-Station 2.1b1

Products that are not currently compatible with Windows 8 are as follows:


  • UltraNova***

***It is possible to run the UltraNova software installer, however when Windows SmartScreen appears click on 'More info' and 'Run anyway'


  • Novation FX Suite
  • Bass Station 1.8

Development is currently well under way for official Windows 8 compatibility which will be announced soon. If you are serious about music making or rely on your Novation hardware to earn a living, we strongly advise that you wait for at least 6 months or more before updating to the latest OS until any unexpected issues arise and are dealt with.

Please check back in regularly for more information on updates and Windows 8 compatibility.

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