How do I create LED feedback on the Launchkey MkII?

Applies to: Launchkey MkII


It is possible to create LED feedback to trigger the RGB pads of the Launchkey MkII.  In order to get LED feedback from Live to the Launchkey MkII, you need to set up a MIDI track in Live to output MIDI information to the unit.


To set this up, turn off the inControl button for the pads and create a MIDI track that is outputting (“MIDI To”) to the Launchkey MkII InControl Port (Or Launchkey MIDI2). You will also need to assign the output to Channel 2,3 or 16.



Once this has been done, you can then start entering in MIDI information to trigger the LEDs on the Launchkey MkII.  When entering note data, the pads will respond to notes C1-D#2.



Depending on the MIDI Channel selected in the initial setup, the LEDs of the pads will change in response to the MIDI notes recorded (depends on note length):


Channel 2- pads flash to the tempo

Channel 3- pads pulse to the tempo

Channel 16- pads turn on/off


For more information on how to program the lights, here is a link to the Programmer’s Reference Guide:

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