My Launchkey MK2 won't work with my iPad.

This applies to the Launchkey Mk2

If you want to use your Launchkey MK2 with an iPad please install this firmware. It allows you to connect an external PSU to the Launchkey MK2, and have the USB connected to the iPad via Camera Connection Kit or Lightning to USB adapter.


The file is in Sysex format so will need to be installed using either Midi-Ox for PC or Sysex Librarian for Apple Mac. These are available from the links below.

Install Sysex Librarian and download the Launchkey Sysex file to your desktop. Make sure the Launchkey is connected.

Double click the Sysex file on your desktop, it will open inside Sysex Librarian.

Select Launchkey InControl in the Destination drop-down list and press PLAY.

You should see the Launchkey screen show 'btl'. You will see the destination in Sysex Librarian has changed to MIDI. Select Launchkey InControl again and hit Play again. The screen should show 'uPd'. Once finished the Launchkey MK2 will restart.

Install Midi-Ox and put the firmware Sysex file on your desktop.

Open Midi-Ox and click on Options then Midi Devices at the top of the screen. Click on MidiIn2 (Launchkey MK2) in the MIDI Outputs area and press OK.

Hold down the Track left and right buttons below the display on Launchkey MK2 and plug in the USB cable. The screen will show btl.

 Now click Actions at the top of the screen followed by Send - Sysex File. Select the Launchkey_S build_144.sys file in the Window that comes up, then Open.

The screen will show 'uPd'. Once finished the keyboard will restart.


If you would like further assistance please contact our support team here.

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