How to Authorize Ableton Live Lite

In order to save or export your Live Sets in Ableton, you will first need to Authorize the software.


If you have not already, please download and install Ableton Live Lite according to your system. (

- Once you have installed and opened the Ableton Software you will be prompted with a window asking you to Authorize your software.

- Click Authorize with

- This will take you to Ableton's website where you will either need to create a free Ableton account or if you already have one, simply sign in. Once you are signed into your account then the site will ask for your Software serial number. 

- This serial number is located in either your Novation Account under Downloads & Activation Codes or on the Ableton code card included in your box (This is not the serial number from the barcode at the bottom of your Novation product).

- Enter the serial from either your account or the included Activation code card into Ableton's website and click Register Serial.

The site will then connect to the installed version of Ableton on your computer and Authorize it, allowing you to save and export your Live Sets.





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