Ableton Live setup for Launchpad Pro

This applies to the Launchpad Pro

To use the Launchpad Pro with Ableton Live, ensure you're using the latest version of Ableton Live from you account here .

Your Launchpad Pro should automatically be detected and configured with Ableton Live.

If this isn't the case, you can follow the instructions below:

   1. Open your Live Preferences. On a Mac, click 'Live' then 'Preferences'. On Windows, click 'Options' then 'Preferences'.

   2. From the list of tabs on the left, click the MIDI / Sync tab and you will see the following:

   Launchpad Pro Live preferences

   3. Click the first drop down box under Control Surface. Choose Launchpad Pro from the list.

   4. Under Input and Output select Launchpad Pro (Live port). The Session mode button will now light up.

You'll now be able to control Live with your Launchpad pro.

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