How to control multiple virtual instruments with the Launchkey in FL Studio

This applies to the Launchkey and Launchkey Mini

When using your Launchkey in FL Studio you can use both the Chromatic Keyboard Controller Layout on the pads in addition to the Launchkey's keyboard to control multiple virtual instruments at the same time. In order to do this:


1. Set the appropriate Midi Preferences in FL Studio (see the following article for your specific Launchkey:


2. Add two virtual instruments to your session in FL Studio.

3. Click the channel selector for the first virutal instrument. Then SHIFT CLICK the channel selector for the second virtual instrument.

4. Then change the Midi Channel for the Launchkey's main chromatic keyboard, by pressing and holding down both of the Track buttons for the Launckey 25,49,61 and pressing track right or left to move to the next or previous midi channel.


5. On Launchkey Mini hold down the InControl button and select the corresponding pad for the Midi Channel you would like to be on

6. Navigate to the Chromatic Keyboard controller layout (see the following for navigating your controller layouts:

The pads will be controlling first virtual instrument on channel 1 and the keys will be controlling the next virtual instrument on the next available midi channel. 


Now the two keyboards will each be playing individual instruments. 

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