Can I control my Pro Tools AAX plugins with Automap?

Applies to: Automap

Since Avid changed to AAX we have had a problem in finding a solution to Automap plugin control in Pro Tools. Automap works by 'wrapping' plugins which involves adding a small piece of code to each one to allow the Automap server to talk to it. AAX plugins are code-signed and what that means is they can't change, therefore the 'wrapping' system simply can't work.

We've also had a good deal of discussion about the 'wrapping' mechanism in general. Over time and via customer feedback we have observed that this way of working is not really what the majority of people want. It tends to cause session incompatibility, can result in crashing plugins sometimes and has created a huge maintenance burden with the sheer number of plugins out there.

Given this information we have decided not to pursue AAX support for Automap. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please note that Automap is compatible with Pro-Tools 11 for mixer and transport control.

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