QWERTY Assignments on the SL MKII

Article applies to: SL MKII

One feature of the SL MKII's Automap functions is that you can QWERTY Assign any parameter, which maps any of the program's Keyboard Shortcuts to the pad, knob, fader or button of your choice. For the purpose of the article, the SAVE shortcut in Logic will be used (Apple+S, or Command+S), which is specific to a Mac, but any shortcut on Mac or PC can be applied.

-Open "Software Setup" in Automap, and make sure MIDI Channel 1 is selected.


Automap MIDI Channel Select


- Open the "Mixer/Plugin Mappings" Menu in Automap, select Novation Ch. 1, and select "Edit Mappings".Mixer/Plugin Mappings Menu

- On the interface you see, click on the Far Left Pad (Pad #1) that corresponds with your SL

- A menu will drop down at the bottom of Automap's Screen. Click on the "QWERTY Assign" Tab


SL MKII Pad Select


- Click on the "Learn Assignment" Button, and enter the Keystroke Save (Apple+S)

- Click the "Learn Assignment" Button again, and the pad will be set up to Save whenever you hit it.



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