How to restore the factory patches on Bass Station II using a PC.

Applies to: Bass Station II

*Please be aware this will initalize all User presets too*

              (To first save your User presets follow the 'How to export User presets article'.)

First of all download the file below and save it to your desktop.

Bass Station II Factory Patches v1 - BANK.syx

Next download and install Midi-Ox from the link below.

Open Midi-Ox and click Options - Midi devices.

Now click on Bass Station II in the Midi Outputs field and click OK.



Next click Options - Send - Sysex File. Select the Bass Station II Factory Patches v1 - BANK.sys file and click the Open button. The file will be sent to the Bass Station II.

Once it is finished power-cycle the keyboard. The patches will now be at factory state.

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