How does Automap work with Ableton Live when using a Remote SL MkII?

Applies to: SL Mk II, Automap

The Sl MkII uses an advanced template to communicate directly with Live. This template is active when Automap is off (i.e. when the 'automap' button is not lit).

Automap is only really used for controlling third-party Automap enabled plug-ins within Live.

There are four Automap browser groups - user, fx, inst and mixer. Automap will be activated when any of these buttons are pressed on your Sl MkII. The 'fx' and 'inst' groups are used for controlling third-party effect and instrument plug-ins.

With other DAW's the 'mixer' group engages control of the DAW mixer. As the advanced template is used for controlling Live's mixer the Automap 'mixer' is redundant. Lastly the 'user' group is used for sending standard MIDI messages to Live. To make use of this you will need to activate at least one MIDI channel in the 'Advanced' section of Automap's 'Software Setup.

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