The main outputs on my Twitch aren't loud enough for some applications

Applies to: Twitch

Based on our research with DJs and performers, we worked on developing the best quality audio outputs (i.e best sounding in terms of signal to noise ratio) whilst ensuring Twitch is bus powered and fully portable. We also wanted to keep Twitch within the reach of those people who want to make music but don't have a massive budget. Adding a power supply option would have made it significantly more expensive.

However, thanks to some of the responses we have had since launch, we now clearly understand that some professional DJs have concerns about the output level in some of the environments they play in. More specifically where the gain has been set beyond halfway by the last DJ, leaving too little gain to match Twitch (in venues where the system is not looked after by an engineer who manages the gain stages for different performers).

Unfortunately, a firmware upgrade will not boost the output level of Twitch. The power management is already balanced to deliver a high-quality output, power to the control surface and sufficient output level in most situations. However, we do recommend the following hardware solutions, all of which we have now tested or are testing in house. All our tests involve comparing the output levels to an industry standard:

Combining the Booth and Main outputs:

Whilst this means no separate booth output, it will double the output level of Twitch. You can use both the booth and main output, and route them to two channels of the mixer. This will add 6dB to the output of Twitch. It also offers additional gain from the second channel of the mixer.

Buying a mini line mixer.

We have tried and tested some affordable line output mixers, each providing enough output level to take Twitch in line with the output level of a professional CDJ. These units are light-weight and affordable.

We have tested the following units:
ART PowerMIX III Personal Stereo Mixer
(This provides the highest output level)

Samson S-mix Mini Mixer
(Slightly lower output than the Art)

We have not tested the Behringer but it is another option available at minimal cost:
Behringer 502 small format mixer

It has been a large engineering project to power almost 170 LEDs and the high-quality interface in Twitch with USB. We hope that these engineering decisions will benefit the vast majority of Twitch DJs and suit most situations. We recognise that the compromises and decisions we have had to make will not satisfy everyone.

We really do want to give you the best gear that we can. In those environments where you do want a hotter output, the suggestions above will provide the additional gain without compromising quality.

Thanks once again, the Novation Team.

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