Automap iPhone App mixer controls do not map correctly in Pro-Tools

Applies to: Automap

This article is relevant to you if:

A) The MIXER section appears blank both on your iPhone/iPod Touch and in the Automap window

B) The controls are mapped randomly to the Pro-Tools mixer i.e. the first slider in the iPhone app does not correspond to the volume slider for track 1, etc.


First of all, go to the Community section on the Novation website ( and download the 'Novation iPhone HUI Pro-Tools' mapping.

Make sure 'Use Automap HUI' is ticked in the Automap settings menu.

On your iPhone/iPod Touch, open the Automap app and press the MIXER button.
Select the box that says HUI then click in the Automap HUD window on your computer and select FILE > OPEN from the top menu.

Select the .automap file that you have just downloaded from the Novation website then select FILE > SET AS DEFAULT CONTROL MAP FOR THIS CLIENT. Your mixer controls should now be mapped correctly.

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