How to reset the OS and Automap settings on the ReMOTE SL MK2

Applies to: SL Mk II

It is now possible to reset the ReMOTE SL MK2 and the ZeRO MK2 to the lastes OS and Automap settings from the Automap server as follows:

  1. Open Automap to the 'Mixer/Plugin Mappings... page.
  2. Select the relevant device.
  3. On the hardware, go to the "GLOBAL" menu and ensure that "MEM PROT" is set to "OFF". 
  4. Press the 'Device Calibration' button in Automap and you will see the option to update system settings.  
  5. Select the 'Restore OS, Global and Automap Templates' option to reset the OS and templates. This will restore the most up to date settings regardless of how the unit came from the factory. Automap server will direct you through the process. 
  6. Repeat the previous step but this time select the 'Restore Automap Template Only' option.
  7. Turn "MEM PROT" back on in the global menu to ensure that your templates and settings can not be overwritten by accident.
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