How do I assign the crossfader of the Zero SL MkII in Ableton Live?

Applies to: ZeRO SL Mk II

Go into advance mode (when the 'automap' button is unlit), then select the Ableton template, press and hold the 'edit' button, then touch the crossfader until 'XFADER' appear, let go of the 'edit' button then choose:

Control: CC
DispType: 0-127
LowVal: 0
HighVal: 127
CC Num: 80

then press the 'write' button twice, and press button 7 to 'PROCEED'.

Press the 'edit' button again to quit edit mode.

Now use Ableton's own MIDI Learn to assign the crossfader to the parameter you wish to control in Ableton.

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