How do I control Reason after setting up the Remote SL and Remote SL Compact with the Reason template 37?

Applies to: ReMOTE SL, ReMOTE SL Compact

Please note: since Reason can now be controlled using Automap, you should only read this article if using the old control method via the Reason Automap template (template 37). For information on how to set up and control Reason through Automap, see the DAW setup guide for Reason from the main menu of Automap.

To control a Reason device from the ReMOTE SL select it with the mouse in the Reason sequencer, as shown here with the 'Perc Loop' track:

When a Reason device is selected for hardware control, the ReMOTE SL controls will automatically be mapped to the device parameters and you will see the parameter names and current values on the ReMOTE SL displays. Where the same type of parameter is found on different Reason devices it will generally be mapped to the same control on the ReMOTE SL e.g. filter cutoff is mapped to pot 8 for all Reason devices that have a filter. Pressing the RIGHT-HAND SCROLL buttons whilst in Reason template mode causes an information display to appear on the right-hand ReMOTE SL display. The information shown is different depending on whether you press the SCROLL UP or SCROLL DOWN button, as follows:

SCROLL UP: Document name, currently selected device, currently selected device parameter page, song position and device name.

SCROLL DOWN: Tempo, loop on/off status, left loop position, right loop position and target track name.

When either information display is active you can use buttons 7 and 8 in the top right-hand row to scroll through the available Reason devices in the project and select a different one to control, instead of using the mouse. You can also use buttons 5 and 6 in the top right-hand row to scroll through presets on the currently selected Reason device.

Press the SLIDER ROW-SELECT button to exit the information display. Reason devices that have lots of assignable parameters will have more than one 'page' of parameters available for some rows of controls on the ReMOTE SL. For example, when controlling ReDrum the 8 encoders can be switched between controlling pan, length and velocity. Repeatedly press a ROW-SELECT button to cycle through the available pages of parameters. If a row of controls has no parameters assigned to it then the ROW-SELECT button for that row will be inactive. To see which page of controls is currently selected press the RIGHT-HAND SCROLL UP button the page name will be displayed under 'Section'. The Reason devices which use multiple pages of controls are BV512, Dr. Rex, Maelstrom, Mixer 14:2, NN19, ReDrum, ReGroove Mixer, Subtractor and Thor.

To control the ReGroove Mixer from the ReMOTE SL, select the 'Transport' track in the reason sequencer:

Use buttons 1-4 in the lower left-hand row of buttons to switch the ReMOTE SL between controlling banks A to D of the ReGroove mixer. When controlling Mixer 14:2 you can switch between controlling channels 1-7 and 8-14 use the LEFT-HAND SCROLL buttons.

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