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Automap is a software engine that comes with all Novation controllers. It has been designed to ease the process of assigning specific hardware controls for Novation products to independent third party VST, plugin and recording software parameters. Despite having knobs and sliders, most MIDI controllers are not designed with scripts and firmware that automatically allows for instant control of third party plug-ins, DAW native extensions and other internal parameters.

Automap is compatible with VST, AU and RTAS plug-ins that allow their parameters to be assigned to other MIDI compatible software engines. Some parameters will be automatically assigned across the controls of your Automap-compatible hardware whereby most will not be.

What software can I use Automap with?
Accommodation for all third party plug-ins and/or VST parameter control from software like Automap is solely defined by the developer. In other words, not all parameters in all VST, plugins and DAW's support the type of functionality Automap was designed for.

One way to determine whether a parameter is assignable or "MIDI mappable" can be determined is by viewing automation lanes in your respective DAW or recording software platforms. Additionally under MIDI assignment menus, mapping engines control take-over modes, any parameter that can be assigned to either hardware or other software control such as Automap will be listed here. Please keep in mind that this method of identifying the potential for assignable parameters differs widely from one DAW to the next.

The following DAWs are compatible with Automap for control over their mixer:

  • Cubase (For Cubase 9 support please see this article)
  • Logic
  • Pro Tools (using HUI)
  • Reaper (using HUI)
  • Studio One
  • Reason

With the exception of the Nocturn and UltraNova, all other Novation controllers including  Impulse, SL MKII, Launchkeys and Launchpads are all designed for instant control of Ableton Live using built in templates written specifically into their hardware where Automap is not recommended for use.

Please visit the landing pages for your Novation product to determine if any present templates are available for use in other software platforms.

Novation: Downloads Section

Don't forget that you can always use your Novation MIDI device as a standard controller. Any software not mentioned above, as long as your software supports General MIDI control then any mapping customization can be achieved. 

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