My Nio's output is noisy.

Applies to: Nio 2|4

The NIO should ideally be used with the USB cable that came in the box with the unit. If you have lost this cable, then please make sure that you use a good quality cable as a replacement.

There are different standards of power conductor wire within the USB cable. These will be denoted by a number followed by 'AWG', or 'AWG/2C' and will be written along the length of the cable. The cable that comes with the NIO shows '24AWG/2C'. You will need to make sure that you cable show this value or Lower.

If the value denoted on your cable shows a higher number (thus higher resistance) then you may hear a 'hum' or 'whine' noise, and when the computer processor is working hard you may hear processor noise in the NIO outputs. You should therefore replace the cable with one with the above specification.

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