How do I set the Xio up with Reason?

Applies to: Xio

Follow these steps to set the Xio up tow work with Reason:

1. Make sure you have Reason 3 or later installed.

2. Connect the Xio to your computer, turn it on and launch Reason.

3. In Reason go to the 'Control Surfaces & Keyboards' page of Preferences.

4. Click 'Add' to add a controller.

5. In the next window select:

Maufacturer: Novation
Model: Xio
MIDI Input: Xio
MIDI Output: Xio

then click 'OK'. If you do not see 'Xio' listed under 'Model' then quit Reason and download and run the Reason Codecs installer which is attached to this artilce (click the link to the right of this text), then start from step 2 again.

7. A warning will appear telling you that a template is about to be uploaded to the Xio. Before clicking OK, make sure that memory protect is turned off. To do this press the 'global' button to enter the global menu and scroll to the 'Memory Protect:' page. Use the data encoder to set this to 'Off' then press 'write' to save the setting and then 'play/synth' to put the unit into template mode (note: it must NOT be in synth mode).

8. Click OK in Reason and after a couple of seconds the Xio display will show 'Reason'. You need to save this template permanently to the unit. To do this press 'write' once and select which template location to save it to, then press 'write' a further 2 times to confirm.

9. After this you can exit preferences and start using Reason. The Reason template MUST be selected to control Reason. The Xio will then control whichever device is selected for MIDI control in the Reason sequencer.

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