How to manually edit Automap files?

Applies to: Automap

It is possible to manually edit the automap file for any plug-in using the following steps;

  1. Save the mapping for the plug-in to an automap file somewhere on your system using the 'Save' option from the automap menu (accessed by clicking on the "File" menu of the Automap application).
  2. Load up that file in the text editor of your choice.
  3. Notice the structure of the file - in particular, the group names for the controls on the SL.
  4. Look for the control descriptions, which look like this: <Param name="Cutoff" shortName="Cutoff" id="0" intStep="1"...
  5. You can then move these lines around to change the layout that the parameters will appear on the SL - just make sure to keep the number of <Param> structures in each <Group> the same (eight).
  6. Finally, save the .automap file and load it back up in your plug-in.

If all goes well the parameters will have moved to the places you set!

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