The ReMOTE SL is not working with template 39 (Logic Template)...

Applies to: ReMOTE SL

Follow these steps to ensure the ReMOTE SL is set up correctly with Logic:

1. Ensure that the file "ReMOTESL.bundle" (attached to this article) is located in the following folder:

HD/Library/Application Support/MIDI Device Plug-ins/ReMOTE SL.bundle

2. Download and run the latest version of the Automap installer from here. The installer contains the latest ReMOTE SL OS. Now refer to the ReMOTE SL user guide which contains instructions on how to set up the SL in Logic. Follow all instructions carefully.

3. There is a Logic Automap template on the ReMOTE SL which should be selected to control Logic (template no. 39). The ReMOTE SL will automatically switch to this template each time you start Logic.

If you see dashes across the ReMOTE SL displays then it is because the SL is in instrument mode and you have not selected an instrument track with an instrument loaded into it. If you do select an instrument track with an instrument loaded into it you will see the instrument parameters appear on the SL displays. You can scroll through pages of parameters using the left-hand scroll buttons.

To switch toggle between mixer and instrument modes press the drumpad row-select button. See the ReMOTE SL user guide for more informaton on using the ReMOTE SL with Logic.

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