When I route MIDI clock through/from the ReMOTE SL it seems to double the tempo?

Applies to: ReMOTE SL

This can occur if you are sending more than one copy of the MIDI clock out of the SLs USB MIDI Port (sending MIDI clock twice will result in a doubling of tempo). If you have the MIDI clock coming from a device via MIDI, you can route the MIDI in port to either of the USB MIDI ports of the SL in the global menu. If for example you have clock coming from the device, and have it routed to USBa and hence to Ableton and you have the SL set to output MIDI clock on USBa then two copies of the MIDI clock will be sent, hence doubling the tempo.

To avoid this, either just route the MIDI port to the USB port and do not set the SL to output MIDI clock (then the USB port will only be sending out the MIDI clock from the device) or make sure the SL is not set to route the MIDI ports to the USB ports, and set the SL to output MIDI clock on the appropriate MIDI port (and to sync to the appropriate MIDI port.

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